Your horse’s hooves take on a lot throughout the day, and it is important that you keep them well-cared for especially for shod horses. Even though you are able to provide a balanced diet for your foal, you will still need to provide a hoof supplement for horses to ensure that your horse’s feet remains healthy and its hooves without cracks and chips.

Which horse hoof supplement will provide the most benefit for your horse?

There will be more than one horse hoof supplement available in any tack shop or an equestrian supply store. Supplements help horses grow tougher, shinier, and healthier hooves. However, finding the best hoof supplement may not be an easy job at all since there are just too many options that will keep you checking label after label to compare to finally decide which supplement to go with.

Hoof Supplement For Horses

Promoting Healthy Horse Hooves

Brittle, chipping, or cracking nails are common hoove problems. An inadequate diet (one with insufficient vitamins, proteins, and energy) can easily cause your foal’s hooves to become dry and brittle. It can also result to slow-growing hooves, even a difficulty of holding its shoe. There are other possible factors that can cause these unappealing looks on your foal’s hooves, however. Genetics for one can play a vital role in the total physical features of your horse, including its hooves. Training, daily activities, as well as the quality of diet that your foal enjoys can affect the quality of its hooves.

To make sure that your horse will keep your horse’s feet in proper shape, you will need to provide your horse proper diet regularly.

A scheduled regular hoof trimming is also necessary. If you keep your barefoot horse to go too long in between trims, chances are your horse’s hooves will allow undue stretching that can cause the white line (the layer of hoof wall that connects the outer wall to the sole and live tissues of the hoof) to crumble. (more…)

Pit Bull Terrier / Hound / Mixed  : :  Female (not spayed, but will be before adoption)  : :  Adult  : :  Medium


About Amanda

  • Status: Available for Adoption
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D150055
  • General Color: Black with White
  • Current Size: 50 Pounds
  • Housetrained: Yes
  • Reaction to New People: Friendly

My name is Amanda and I am making my official Educate A Bull debut!!  I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful organization!! The ladies here, and we can’t forget our gentlemen volunteers, have asked that I tell you some fun facts about me.  Well let’s start out with my age, I am a very young 3 year old mix. Mix of what you ask? Well we aren’t 100% sure, there may be some boxer, a sprinkling of hound, a splash of pit bull and a pinch of mutt.  Whatever I am mixed with made up on heck of an awesomely sweet girl who loves to be around people.  I greet everyone I meet with a very enthusiastic tail wag and a generous portion of butt wiggle.

I have finished heart worm treatment so I have been hanging out with my foster and enjoying sleeping on my very own recliner. I do not have to share it with anyone!! I have become accustomed to all the love, attention and praise lavished on me time with my very own humans that I have decided I rather not have to share my spotlight or my recliner. I prefer that my paws be the only pitter patter you will hear in the house.  I guess that is my inner diva coming out!
If you are interested in meeting me please fill out an application at! I can’t wait to see how comfortable your recliner is! I will also lay on a dog bed if I must!

Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Adult  : :  Medium


About Bindi

  • Status: Available for Adoption
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D160018
  • General Color: Black
  • Current Age: 5 Years 3 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes
Hi I’m Bindi! I am 4 years old so I am past that whole awkward puppy stage. Crates make me a bit nervous, but I am always on very best behavior.  I love taking casual walks and exploring the outdoors. I’m cool around kids and cats, but I am pretty picky about which dogs I want to hang with. So I would do best in a home where I am the only dog. I will not be in the running for catcher for the Yankees, but I take treats like a princess. Of all my accomplishments I am most proud of my ability to snuggle and cuddle anywhere. I am 100% housetrained too! Won’t you give me a soft place to lay my head at night?

Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)  : :  Female (spayed)


About Rosie

  • Status: Available for Adoption
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D150074
  • General Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with White
  • Current Age: 1 Year 8 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: No
Check out that smile! Rosie is a girl who just wants to be with people. She is super affectionate and just loves us humans!  Rosie is a petite, muscular little lady who walks great on a leash and is a super rider in the car.  She is learning to not be afraid of dogs her size and larger; she wants to play with them, but is very nervous at the same time and we are working with her to help her overcome her fears.  Stop in and meet her at Stop in and meet her at the Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue!!  (She’s not compatible with cats or small dogs).

More about Rosie

Good with DogsNot Good with Cats

Pit Bull Terrier (short coat)  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Young  : :  Small


About Concetta

  • Status: Available for Adoption
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D130047
  • General Color: Red
  • Current Age: 4 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes

Meet Concetta, affectionately called Connie or Red Dog. She is definitely a people pleaser and working hard at learning her manners and how to be polite in the house. She has the heart to match her loving, beautiful eyes. Connie is a small statured girl and her best feature is her incredible knack for cuddling. She loves to play with her rough and tough toys all while she is laying as close to you as possible. This sweet ‘Little Red Dog’ has worked very hard and LOVES to show off her agility skills. Concetta is certainly up for any athletic challenge she is given. She is the dog with no fear, except when it comes to meeting a new canine friend. She tends to be a little nervous, so slow introductions would work best for her. She would prefer to be the only child because she wants all of your attention! Apply to adopt Concetta today through our application at