About Us



Educate-a-bull is an educational bully breed rescue founded in 2003.  We are a group of professional dog trainers, dog rescuers, teachers, bully breed owners and animal lovers.

We were incorporated in 2011, and are a non for profit educational bully breed rescue.

Our mission is to educate the public about the nature of the bully breeds; courageous, loyal, and full of heart. We hope to challenge bully breed owners in our community to help us restore these breeds to their former esteem in the hearts of people everywhere.

Our goal is to educate the public to inspire a better understanding and appreciation of the breed. We also try to dispel damaging myths and to encourage responsible dog ownership.

We rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home bullies.

It is our intent to support and assist owners in keeping their dogs.  We also support bully owners by offering a variety of resources in training, care, and positive outlets to better enjoy their dogs.

Our Vision:  educate a bull envisions a compassionate world where all pit bull type dogs reside in responsible, loving homes where their honor and positive image is restored and preserved.

Help us, Help them…

Please send your donations to educate a bull, an educational bully breed rescue, PO Box 388, Buffalo, NY 14205. Checks must be made out to Educate A Bull.

Levels of Sponsorship:

Bully Fan Club:

Bully Admirers: $25.00

Bully Fans: $50.00

Bully Ambassadors: $100.00

In Kind Donations: $________________

All donations go directly to bullies in our community in need!

Thank you for your generous gifts!