Anti Anxiety Dog Beds - The Calming Solution?

Calming Dog Bed

There are countless studies that show a good night's rest is beneficial for your health. On average, humans sleep 8 hours per day and roughly 12 hours for our canine companions. It makes just as much sense that we go through lengths in finding a mattress that fits whether it’s the the right firmness or softness, so why not for our dogs?

While our furry friends deserve the best, having a place to sleep that encourages deeper relaxation are helpful for four legged pals - reportedly having significant impact on actively reducing anxiety. Beyond comfort let's understand what makes it important to find the best pet bed for your dog, and exactly what makes a 'Calming Dog Bed' necessary.

Let’s face it, they’re already the king and queen of the house! Still not convinced? Anti Anxiety Dog Beds are backed up with science, here’s how it works.

Plush Dog Bed

Calming Dog Beds - What Are They?

The "science" behind a Calming Dog Bed for anxious pups are believe it or not, our dogs get anxious too! With one in four dogs getting anxiety every day, the idea is to create a specific environment for many dogs who suffer from fear, separation or reduce emotional stress. While some owners lead very busy lifestyles, unfortunately we can’t be with our pets every minute of the day as much as we would love to.

When puppies enter the world, they have a sensory memory against a mother’s touch or snuggling close to their brothers and sisters. As they grow, a plush pet bed can fill this void when dogs seek comfort - letting them settle in for a nap or a place of warmth. From 'dog donut beds, dog bed caves, snuggler dog beds, dog nest beds' to 'Anti Anxiety Dog Beds', each structure will have self-healing properties to help your dogs well-being and what to look for when buying a new dog bed as not all are made equal.

Calming Dog Bed Key Features:

  • Short/long faux fur shag material mimicking the feeling of sleeping next to their mother or siblings.
  • Raised edges to offer a sense of safety and security.
  • Soft inner filling that they can sink into.
  • Size: Calming Dog Beds are typically donut shape to surround pet of soft goodness.

Do Anti Anxiety Calming Dog Beds Work?

Our fur babies never lose their feeling of touch as they age. While many dogs can snooze at their own will, there are many reasons why Anti Anxiety Calming Beds are effective for dogs to rest easy and encourage snuggling down for a rejuvenating nights sleep. Resembling the sensation of being surrounded by a pack or simulate against a fur mama’s coat - soft, short fabrics give an extra sense of security for a feeling that can replicate a giant hug. 

Anti Anxiety Dog Beds should ideally be made with long faux fur shag because our dog’s love being warm! A self-warming system (we’d like to call it) for that first feeling of comfort they knew. With most dogs suffering from separation, anxiety, fear or nervousness - they recognise that their calming dog bed is a safe place and may head straight to it when you leave to relax. 

For your search to find the Best Pet Bed for your dogs needs, keep in mind that different styles will be beneficial while others may be incorporated into daily routine along with other practices. In addition, pet parents will have a variety of choices to help soothe your pup.

Other Fantastic Benefits of Calming Dog Beds:

Fear of Loud Noises: When dogs fear can come from a flight or fight response whether it's from fireworks to thunderstorms, create a 'safe' place for in your home for pup to retreat. A Calming Dog Bed can help your dog relax naturally as a calm distraction that can be used with a weighted blanket.

Change of Environment: When intriducing your dog to a new house, it can be quite an overwhelming experience and be a stresseful time! While some dogs is learning, having their 'pack around them is essential. A Calming Dog Bed can feel familiar, which is more likely to de-stress your pup.

Improves Physical Health: Don't let the detrimant of joints be bought upon sleeping on a hard surface. When dog beds can be rough, calming dog beds can alleviate pressure to reduce stiffness and promote increased mobility.

The Best Anti Anxiety Calming Dog Beds

Anti Anxiety Dog Bed Donut

Dog Bed - Anti Anxiety Plush Donut Grey 


Calming Dog Bed

The 'Original Calming Dog Bed' for anxiety and stress. This pet bed is instant calm for your dog! With it's soft faux fur materials and fluffy donut shape to curl up, this is a fantastic option for most dogs with it's classic design. For the best dog bed, ensure your furbaby always has a place to relax with zero hassle and find a dog bed that is easy to maintain (machine wash, tumble dry or gentle cycle.) Choose from a variety of colours and sizes, pup will be snoozing to dreamland in no time!

Anti Anxiety Dog Cave

Dog Bed - Anti Anxiety Calming Cave Small Dogs


Calming Dog Bed Cave

For pups who love to snuggle or burrow, a Dog Calming Cave will eseentially provide that warm contact to dog's fur to make them feel warm while sinking into it's faux fur. This dog bed has a comforting, 'cocooning' effect with soft feeling - this is the best Anti Anxiety Dog Bed for toy and small breed dogs such as chihuahuas and yorkies. Choose from smooth inner or long plush, let small pup jump in and wrap up in it!

Calming Dog Couch Cover

Just like the Calming Dog Bed, your pup can now jump on the couch with you with this Dog Protector Cover. In addition to it’s soft faux shag, pup can relax on any surface (even your furniture) while protecting against drools, scratches, dog hair. Without worrying, it’s 100% waterproof liner will be mess-free for any home. It is not a dog bed however, a portable protector to let dog sleep comfortably for any situation whether it’s on the couch or in the car.