Collection: Cooling Dog Coat

Improve Dehydration And Pet's Quality of Life With A Dog Cooling Coat

Freshen your dog effectively with a Cooling Dog Coat and it's activated technology. With instant relief, pup won't be overwhelmed with exhaustion with a cool-to-touch fabric.

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How To Keep A Dog Cool In Summer

Cooling Dog Coats are designed regulate pet's body temperature, that are absorbent while maintaining moisture on evaporation. Easy to activate simply by soaking in water, dog is then cool while the coat protects against UV rays.

Dog Cooling Vest

There are many benefits when it comes to a Cooling Dog Vest. While it keeps them comfortable during Summer, it is ideal for beating the heat when dog's are under the sun.

Dog Cooling Harness

Looking for a Dog Cooling Harness for walk or hiking? Easily soak your choice of Cooling Dog Coat by appyling water to activate. Pup Will feel instant relief, no matter your activity.

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