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Let Pup Chill Out With Cool Touch Beds and Dog Cooling Mats.

A Cooling Mat For Dogs will truly improve the quality of life for your pet. An instant relief when hot, Keep Dog Cool and allow them to freshen up.

Dog Cooling Mats

Let your pup's paws chill in a safe when when they get overwhelmed with heat exhaustion. Dog Cooling Mats are beneficial to keep dog happy and safe, regulating body temperature to instant relief.

Dog Cooling Beds

When it's hot during warmer months, Dog Cooling Beds allow dog's to self-cool when feeling uncomfortable. Pressure activated Dog Cooling technology, it is especcialy made for pup's to relieve from trouble sleep in hot climates.

Pet Cool Mats

Looking for a stylish piece? Discover Pet Cool Mats in a variety of colours and patterns. Portable and travel friendly. Place your cooling mat in dog's kennel, by the pool or as a light coushion int heir pet's corner.

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