Collection: Dog Drying Coats

Save Time Grooming with Dog Drying Coats and Towels.

Absorbent, fast-drying Microfibre Dog Towels elimate odour and a watery shake! From Dog Drying Coats to Dog Robes, spend less time with a wet dog.

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Dog Drying Coats

Microfibre Dog Drying Coats dry ten times faster than regular towels. Save your grooming process and making it time efficient with a unique sponge like effect.

Microfibre Dog Towel

Got a furbaby making a wet mess? Tired of using too many towels? Why not try a Microfibre Dog Towel. Watch it quickly absorb water when drying pet's off, a convenient when coping with a wet dog.

Dog Bathrobe

The pawfect gift for pampered pooches, a Dog Bathrobe is warm and cozy to snuggle in after bath time. Shop Styligh Dog Coats for fancy pets, we're sure pup won't mind relaxing in this.

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